Club Committees

Committees contribute to the success of a club by concentrating on a specific area and making sure that the club’s goals in that area are met.

Typically, committees are formed to focus on areas such as meeting programs, community service, fundraising projects, finances, membership development, public relations, and constitution & bylaws. Clubs may form additional committees as deemed necessary.

Richmond Battlefield Park Lions Club committees for 2014-2015 are:

CommitteeCommittee Chair
Greeting & Attendance Walter Berry
Projects & Fundraising Wayne Bottenfield
Constitution & Bylaws Ken Lindsey
Membership Randy Bottenfield
Safety Reese Haller
Sight & Hearing Tommy Moore
Convention Wayne Bottenfield
Sunshine Randy Bottenfield
Public Relations Bill Northen
Stew Masters Keith Meador, Bill Gibson, & Robert Jackson
Bar & Raffle Wayne Bottenfield & Randy Bottenfield
Program & Activities
Mark Domnick
White Cane Doug Clarke & Mark Domnick
Leo Coordinator Bill Northen
Golf Tournament Mark Domnick

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